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At S&R Air Duct Cleaning Services in Thousand Oaks, we use strict hiring practices when it comes to our employees, recognizing that the trust you had in our company and our team is acknowledged.

That is why each of our technicians is not only certified, insured, and bonded but also undergoes accurate screening including background and drug testing before hiring them. We believe in our team to be the best in the business in the country, because aside from being the only reliable service provider, but also imposing professionalism, respect, and accountability with their work. They are a team of hard-working, honest people who treat every client as part of their family members, too.

Call our team at S&R Air Duct Cleaning Services now for your air duct cleaning services. Outside Thousand Oaks? No worry! Because we do service outside Thousand Oaks, just visit our website for the complete list of our service areas.


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