Dryer Vent Re-routing & Replacement

Get Your Home and Dryer Vent To Safety with Dryer Vent Replacement

When dryer vents get damaged, incorrectly installed or composed of the wrong materials, they can allow lint to accumulate faster and create a fire hazard in your home. They can also foster mold growth which can reduce the efficiency of your dryer. S & R Air Duct Cleaning Services can help you when it comes to installations, rerouting, and replacement of your dryer vent to prevent fire hazards and clogging. Our goal is to provide you with an efficient and safe dryer vent system that will be beneficial to your home.

Get Safe and Reliable Dryer Duct Rerouting at S & R Air Duct Cleaning Services

With modern home trends nowadays, clothes washer and dryer have been placed on interior walls and second floors, technicians found new ways to route dryer vents for maximum efficiency. Instead of a short and direct path to an exterior wall, today‚Äôs dryer vents twist, turn and incline to accommodate the rest of the home design and systems. Dryer vent rerouting requires the hands of capable technicians to prevent dryer vent accidents and hazards. Whether you’re looking for a professional dryer vent rerouting or need replacement services, we’ve got you covered.

To avoid potential hazards, the vents will be routed to the outside of your home. If you encounter problems from your current dryer vents, it could indicate improper installation or wrong use of materials and could be dangerous to the safety of your home and family. An improper installation could result in the wrong placement of important vent components and affected areas will quickly become a breeding ground for mold. With our dryer vent replacement service, you can get your dryer fixed up and restored to work within the safety regulations of your area.

Trained Professionals Available Here

S & R Air Duct Cleaning Services technicians are highly trained and experienced. We utilize this expertise to ensure that your system gets installed and routed correctly, hence, improving your dryer ventilation system while keeping your home safe.

By replacing improper materials, and replacing damaged dryer vents, your system will benefit from increased airflow and improved performance. We also do aero duct sealing to safely plug those leaks without the need of replacing your ductwork.

If your dryer duct or vent leads to a burning smell once you start your dryer, simply turn off the power and unplug the dryer immediately, and contact S & R Air Duct Cleaning Services to get your dryer vent safely replaced.